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A feature necklace as part of the faith jewellery range, the hand of Fatima or Hamsa Hand is associated with being a protective sign.

There is great power behind the meaning of this hamsa hand. It is associated with bringing the wearer happiness, health and good luck, and has quite a history across differing beliefs and faiths. 

Featuring an onyx stone in the centre of the hand.  Onyx is associated with protecting and repelling negative energy within the detail of the evil eye.

Stunning adjustable beaded chain  39cm - 49cm

Available in 925 sterling silver and 22k gold plated. 

When you wear this necklace know these words are close to your heart...

Let no sadness come to this heart,

Let no trouble come to these arms,

Let no conflict come to these eyes,

Let my soul be filled with the blessings of joy and peace