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Laced with Kindness

Luck Earrings

Luck Earrings

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You create your own luck.

Luck is not a myth.

It is something that you can create if you put in the hard work, first. Then great things will follow.

Fortune favors the bold. Luck is something you create through faith and efforts, not merely by chance.  

A good dose of discipline, perseverance, and a little help from the universe will help you create your own luck, leading to abundance in all areas of life.

Open your door to the world of possibilities, with luck in every corner.

Be positive. Believe in your capabilities. Be creative. Be bold. Be adventurous. And build the life you want.

You are the master of your own destiny.

Feel the luck flowing into your life and invite positive vibes when you wear our Luck earrings. This Sterling Silver accessory is perfect to wear when you need positive energy flowing within you.  

This piece comes in 3 different stones which gravitate confidence, serenity, and comfort to its wearer to help you get through life’s challenges with a feeling of luck on your side.

Hand made with precious gemstones and set in 925 Sterling silver

Onyx – Protects its wearer against negative energy. Brings balance and helps release emotional traumas and fears. Onyx promotes courage and self-confidence..

Larimar – This crystal helps you become more in tune with nature and the Earth. Also helps relieve stress and anxiety, calming both the mind and body.

Jasper - Jasper is a stone of comfort and relaxation; It is known as the nurturing stone providing stability and balance. It enhances your ability to relax and find peace, even in difficult situations.

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