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Gems & Stones

Choosing your Patron Saint

Patron Saints have been sought out for many centuries to help with various causes and are known to provide hope and guidance.

Crystals and stones have been used in spiritual healing so the combination of these two makes the gift more powerful and sentimental.

For the perfect selection and to maximize the significance of the bracelet, we recommend that you select your Patron Saint first, choosing one that will provide you with the hope and guidance that you crave.


Our beautiful Candle selection

Coconut & Lime w/ Rose Quartz

The fresh citrus smell of lime is beautifully combined in this candle with subtle & creamy coconut, forming a blend to entice your sense of smell. Paired with Rose Quartz which is referred to as the love stone, it attracts love & romance.

Strawberries & Cream w/Tourmaline 

Delicious Strawberries & Cream flavoured candle paired with tourmaline. The best & most powerful stone for any kind of protection. Tourmaline repels & blocks negative energy whilst being grounding & supportive to assist in overcoming stress or worry.

Passionfruit & Lime w/ Pyrite

With the fresh & zesty scents paired with the power of the pyrite stone, this candle will give you an instant pick up! One of our favourites!

Pineapple, Tangerine & Cherry w/ Citrine

Fruity, exciting and Summer-ish. This candle will delight your sense of smell with this beautiful blend of fruits. Citrine will bring good fortune and good luck.

Pomegranate & Grapefruit w/ Amethyst

Sweet, fruity and delicious, this candle will instantly freshen up any space. Paired with an Amethyst crystal to bring strength and inner peace.

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