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Laced with Kindness

Bracelet Wrap - Unakite, Carnelian, White Howlite

Bracelet Wrap - Unakite, Carnelian, White Howlite

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Bring in positive attitudes towards life.

Fiery, energetic, yet calm – be that person associated with love for one’s self and life. With the combination of these gorgeous stones in this charming champagne wrap bracelet--- Unakite, White Howlite, and Carnelian Crystal, you are bound to take on your dreams and goals with balance, determination, and full of passion as you face life's adversities. 



Here's some insight into how each of the featured crystals assists: 

Unakite - is a very grounding stone that helps restore balance to the physical and emotional parts of our being. This beautiful stone has transformational energy that brings lightness to our being promoting inner peace and calm. If you’re dealing with hardship and pain, use this stone to meditate and let go of what doesn’t serve you.

White Howlite - chosen for its properties associated with decreasing an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety; howlite is the creator of calm and relaxed feelings. The stone is known for decreasing anger that originates from our own internal thoughts, or how we respond to our experiences with it externally. If you are wanting a stone that helps generate and achieve ambitions held by your heart and soul, howlite is there to prepare your mind to accept wisdom and insights.

Carnelian Crystal - is a healing crystal that is able to heal the body, mind, and soul. Also known for being a stone of courage, endurance, energy, leadership, and motivation. Carnelians are said to help fearful speakers become bold and eloquent.

82cm in length made with 3 adjustable knot lengths and an extra cord that can be transformed into additional loops or cut off.

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