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Laced with Kindness

Brave - Be Kind bracelet

Brave - Be Kind bracelet

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"Always be kind and wear your heart on your sleeve. We never know what other people are going through."

This beautiful "Be Kind" bracelet from the Brave range is representative of our connected experience in life. 

It's a reminder to see the story behind the person, and reflect and remember that while we may see someone who looks strong, or funny, or beautiful, or happy - we don't know the story or the life they have walked.

The perfect everyday staple for those with vulnerable hearts and softness wrapped in strength, you can easily wear it as a solo piece or between Crytal Bracelets to complete a stacked look.

The Be Kind Bracelet comes in both Silver and Gold.

With a beautiful cord clasp, the bracelet features a small heart with the words "be kind" imprinted.  Words we can all wear on the inside, and the outside.

An easily adjustable bracelet 15cm - 22cm and the perfect everyday staple piece or to add between your crystal bracelet to complete a stacked look. 

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