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From the Brave collection, this is the Courage necklace.

The story behind this piece is one of bravery, heritage, and the legacy of overcoming challenges and difficult times.

The courage necklace design comes from the Polish bravery medals bestowed on my Grandfather after World War II, and the Australian Cross of Valour - the highest bravery award.  It honours my heritage and my Australian homeland.

The courage necklace was designed to remind you that no matter what challenges are placed on your path, or how difficult and testing a time may feel, you are brave in simply facing the day.   

This is to wear as a reminder on the days you don't feel strong. The days when tears feel more present than triumphs.  Just do one minute, one hour, and one day at a time.

When you wear this piece, remember you are braver than you know. When you feel as though life is bringing you to your knees, catch your breath, stand up tall, and

Take the world to its feet.


Courage Necklace Details

The courage necklace is available in 925 Sterling Silver and 18K plated gold, measuring 40cm in length plus a 5cm extender if you wish to wear it slightly longer.