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I carry your heart in my heart..

From the Brave collection, meet our heart hoop earrings.

These beautiful heart hoop earrings come from a symbolic place for me.  One where I carry memories of loved ones - friends and family, of our fun times, and those moments I cherish.  Moments that are printed on my heart and soul.

It's my hope that you see these as fun pair of earrings with a heart within a heart - ones that you will wear as you remember who you love in life.

They are designed to be worn either during the day or at night.  Fun at heart, kind-spirited, and joyful. 

May these beauties become part of the memories you create when you wear them.

I designed these earrings with a heart within a heart. A symbolic and fun pair of earrings perfect for day or night to keep a memory of a loved one stamped in your heart.