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Laced with Kindness

Tween Self-care Box

Tween Self-care Box

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Looking after yourself is an essential coping strategy for tweens going through transitions- from growing bodies to having big feelings.

This list was made by my daughter (Lace age 9) and her input on what she believes works with tweens like her. After talking to Lace about what she felt was vital for her "little people" to understand self-care, we started working on putting together some lovely self-care products to help tweens as they go through big changes.

The goal of Lace’s project is to highlight self-care and gratitude, so girls like her feel motivated, free, and empowered to grow in their own way. Let them know their feelings are valid and it’s okay to slow down and take time navigating the world around them.

This self-care box includes products that will help your tween relax and be inspired to pamper themselves, especially when times get overwhelming.

This also comes with a custom meditation created by the wonderful (The supported village) related to this special age group and the challenges they are experiencing. It has an easy QR code they can scan with their ipad or phone. 

We hope this kit will help remove your child’s anxieties and help encourage self-care, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Tween Self-care box includes

  • Daily gratitude notepad & pen
  • Daily self-care ideas
  • Custom downloadable meditation
  • Fluffy socks
  • Hair scrunchie
  • Hand cream
  • Funday Sugar-free sweets
  • Surprise crystal necklace bath bomb

Best suited for ages 7-12 years old 

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