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Our Handcrafted teak wood tear shaped dish is the perfect place for your crystals, gemstones or jewels to be placed. To lay and recharge your pieces in the night of a full moon or have as a beautiful addition to your kitchen bench for your jewels safe keeping.
Measurements -
Depth - 2cm
Length - 18cm
Width - 12cm 
A dish created to symbolise that tears speak so many unspoken languages, joy, sadness,pride and everything in between .
I believe tears come from deep within the soul and that even in great sadness, just remember there are always happy tears to follow. 


Poem that comes with every purchase.

Tears do not show weakness,
but sheer strength and bravery.
They show we have loved and cared deeply .
Tears are a sign our heart speaks.
Each have filled our eyes in great joy and happiness
The tears in times of pain and sorrow are where we learn the most.
So when all feels lost and
the tears of sadness come...
Remember there will always be joyous tears to follow
These are the tears to cherish.