Going through Anxiety?

Going through Anxiety?

Bracelets for Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all may experience during our life. We can recognize it through a loss of calm in our normal lives, and at extremes, anxiety can paralyse the most competent people from taking action.  

My experiences with anxiety 

I know when I experience anxiety or I talk to friends who experience a bit of anxiety, I want nothing more than for them to get back to that feeling of peace and calm and knowing that everything is going to be ok.   Anxiety comes about when we worry about a situation that has an uncertain outcome, and we may experience both physical, emotional, and mental impacts.

What anxiety looks like in action

Without a solution to creating calm, anxiety can cause us to do things like bite our nails, overthink situations, stress eat, and avoid doing things in life that to others may seem small, but when you are experiencing it, it can feel like a huge pressure in your chest or heart, and the fear that anxiety generates can make you literally freeze from moving forward.

If you have come across fidget spinners, you may know that they are one solution to managing anxiety as they give users a way to create calm by channelling nervous energy that a bout of anxiety brings about.  

How bracelets create calm 

Personally, I have a passion for gemstones and crystals and understanding how their properties can help create calm for someone who experiences anxiety.  When I create calming bracelets to help people deal with anxiety, I believe it’s important to look at the source of the anxiety, and which precious crystal or gemstone will help the wearer the most. 

 Here are three of my favourites bracelets for common sources of anxiety

Anxiety about having a tricky conversation - check out the blue magnesite bracelets

If your source of anxiety comes from wanting to express yourself, and you are worried about what people will think, or how you will come across, then your beautiful inner self may be worried about rejection and acceptance.   Blue magnesite helps deal with anxiety associated with self-expression. Not only does the calming bracelet look beautiful on, but it can also help you channel that nervous energy by turning the beads of the bracelet when anxiety about speaking to someone pops up.   I like to turn the beads and say some positive affirmations like “I communicate with calm and ease, and my words are valued.”

Anxiety from change happening in life - bracelets made from lava stone are beautiful

The lava stone bracelet is a beautiful choice for focusing on feeling calm instead of stress and anxiety during times of change.  Change in our lives, whether it’s from a change in our family dynamic, a change of address or a change in our work situation and change in our finances all can create feelings of anxiety.   Lava stone bracelets calm our change fuelled anxiety experience by helping us to manage our emotions (especially if we feel angry about a change in circumstance), and make sense of the changes.

Overthinker anonymous anxiety? - calm things down with a white howlite bracelet.

Ever experience analysis paralysis where you are thinking about #allthethings you have to do, and good ole anxiety sees you stuck staring at the laundry, the kitchen, the work emails and you just don’t know where to start?   Welcome to a colour that goes with anything - white howlite.

Bracelets made from white howlite are not only timeless and will take you through all seasons, they also have beautiful calming properties as it’s all about calming the overactive mind, and removing anxiety for overachievers anonymous.

What if you experience anxiety from multiple areas?   No problem, stack a few of the bracelets to calm your anxiety on all fronts.

Blue, white and lava will look beautiful together, or my friend Belle has a blue, white and blush bracelet combo.   

Feel free to explore your fave combo to create calm with a bracelet stack - accessories as an antidote to anxiety - easy as ABC (Anxiety + Bracelet = Calm).

Until next time, 



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