A brand designed around small acts of kindness and creating beautiful products with love and positivity to uplift, inspire and make you or a cherished loved one feel special.

All products are designed for strong, kind, courageous women who want to wear and use simple yet stunning pieces. Our range includes a mix of sentimental jewellery, clothing, gorgeous home decor pieces and self care products. 

All crystal jewellery pieces are handmade with precious stones and crystal beads in the colour of your choice. Each one features a Patron Saint charm you choose and each one has a different meaning to reflect a personal struggle or show compassion.

Every piece of jewellery has a Patron Saint charm and each bracelet is accompanied by a Guardian Angel; as no matter how strong you are feeling, we should always have someone watching over us.

Whether you purchase for yourself or someone special, all jewellery is gift wrapped in a beautiful hessian bag bound with lace.

As a special souvenir, each item includes the description of the Patron Saint and the precious gemstone chosen.

About Me

My name is Alicja and I’m a loving wife, a devoted friend, an endlessly creative soul (one that can never be saved!) however my most important role is as a mother to my two beautiful, happy children.

‘Laced with Kindness’ is my business, named after my Daughter, Lace. 

I've always considered myself a sentimental person; I love all things with meaning and purpose.

Nothing pleases me more than to give someone a gift of thoughtfulness.

In started my business when several of my close friends suffered miscarriages and I was torn as to what I could possibly do to help them with their sadness and pain. Sadly, there wasn't anything I could do except to let them know that I loved them and I was thinking of them.

Sometimes a small gift can bring a smile to someone’s face through a simple act of kindness – this is when I developed the inspiration behind my Laced with Kindness brand.