"Life has never been more chaotic, yet filled with so much beauty.”

 I want this range to be all about YOU… focusing on You as you empower yourself to create a beautiful life amidst all the chaos.

Through personal development, self-love, and mindful exploration of your innermost desires, you can manifest the life of your dreams and leave a lasting legacy.

Through these charming pieces in this new collection, embark on a journey of healing and discovery, and unlock the power within you to create a life that is yours and that is truly beautiful. 

Wrap bracelets

This beautiful range of wrap bracelets was created to help you find happiness, love yourself, find your inner strength and trust the process. If you loved the wrap bracelets from the last collection, you’re in for a beautiful treat with this new collection.

From Carnelians, Dark Aquamarines, Rhondite, Sunstone, Jaspers, and more, they are sure to take your outfit to a wow factor. 8 stunning color combinations of beautiful, colorful, and meaningful stones and earth elements will surely make the ultimate arm candy.

Our pieces

 For those we cherish most, each piece is "laced with kindness" as we choose gifts to help people through lifes triumphs and traumas.

All jewellery pieces are handmade in Australia with precious stones and crystal beads in the colour of your choice.

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Let your confidence shine

Radiate love and light while incorporating crystals into your daily routine with our luxurious Rose Quartz makeup brushes.

The Rose Quartz Makeup Brush set includes a  blush, contour, and highlighter brush 

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