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Laced with Kindness

Be You Necklace

Be You Necklace

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You are beautiful as you are.

The body you have is the body you get, so learn to love it. Love it for all it allows you to do and it will take care of you. 

Loving your body in all its shape and all curve is the key to feeling good about yourself. You're strong and beautiful, inside and out. You matter, because of the totality of you and not because of how you look.

As you age, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your body. You become more aware of the changes that occur naturally over time, and you begin to appreciate the strength and resilience that your body has.

I have friends who have had breast cancer and it’s incredibly inspiring to see how they still managed to stay strong and resilient despite their hardships. They’ve gone through so much --- lost their hair, breasts, and lost shape, yet they still have the strength to move forward and take on whatever life throws their way.

This special necklace is dedicated to them, and to those of you who are struggling but trying to love the body you see in the mirror. It is to remind you that everything that is you is beautiful.

You are one-of-a-kind, and your worth is beyond measure. 


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