How to Choose a Patron Saint

How to Choose a Patron Saint

Patron Saints are part of the Catholic faith and are associated with a virtue that we would like to focus on cultivating in our lives. 

Patron saints are named as such because of how they lived their lives, and the virtues that they demonstrated, for example, they may have dedicated their lives to helping mothers, or been gracious in helping travellers on their journeys, or been known for their patience as they taught others.

Want to know what the idea is behind choosing a patron saint?

Choosing a patron saint is to help guide and protect you and give you faith in an area of your life that you would like to transform, or that you feel would be helpful to someone who is going to wear the patron saint.

Choosing a patron saint based on a role you fulfil is one way to focus your heart and soul, or choosing a patron saint based on a feeling or behaviour you would like to see come to fruition.

Why did I choose saints to go with accessories?

The patron saints available as part of the laced with kindness bracelet range allow you to personalise your bracelet, and if you a choosing one as a gift for a friend, it allows you to tell a story of understanding where they are at in their lives, and that you have put a lot of thought and heart into choosing a patron saint for their situation.

Some patron saints you won’t find in the range, and some you will

I mean, I love socialising, kindness and cocktails, you just won’t find the Patron Saint of Belgian Brewers, Arnold of Soisson 😜 in the range.   

You will find patron saints associated with matters close to my heart that have impacted me and my friends.

Family is really precious to me, so I’d like to focus this little share on patron saints I choose who inspire me, and I believe help with guidance, encouragement and protection.

Patron Saint for families with Working Mothers - SAINT GIANNA BERETTA MOLLA

Patron Saint Gianna is the patron saint of working mothers, and graced the earth from 1922 to 1962.  In her short life, she had four children and worked as a paediatrician, and went on missions to Brazil where she provided medical care to mothers and their children.

Patron Saint for those working on creating a family -  SAINT GERARD MAJELLA

I love this story.   Patron Saint Gerard Majella came from a poor family, yet kept his kindness despite having a hard time growing up.   The mothers of Italy took him into their hearts as their Saint, as when he visited a family in Pirofino, and passed a dropped handkerchief to one of the daughters, telling her to keep it.   Years later, as the daughter was starting her own family, she was on the verge of dying in childbirth, and remembered the handkerchief and asked for it. Her pain immediately disappeared, and she delivered a healthy baby.  This was seen as a miracle, as only one in three pregnancies resulted in a live birth at this point in time. Anyway, the news spread faster than a hot twitter topic and he became known as the Saint of Happy Childbirths.  

Patron Saint for families who are being touched by cancer -  SAINT PEREGRINE

Sadly, so many of us have families and friends who have been touched by cancer. Saint Peregrine is a great reminder to even go and do those regular checks on ourselves, even more important if we have a family history of cancer, or we have a gene in our family that we need testing for so we can make an informed decision regarding cancer.   

Now Patron Saint Peregrine was not perfect (he made a few douche moves in his early life)  but thanks to the kindness he was shown by someone he wronged when he asked for forgiveness, his heart and soul was changed into someone incredibly kind, actively choosing to help the sick and the poor for the remainder of his life.

As a penance, he chose to stand over sitting (unless sitting out of respect), and eventually developed an infection in his leg, which the doctor declared as cancerous, saying it needed to be amputated.   Anyway, Peregrine prayed and fell into a very deep meditative state, and after having a very spiritual experience, the doctor came the next day to find cancer completely gone.


Peregrine’s miracle became known, and he went on to live until he was 85 - a very long time for the 1200s.


Finally, my last patron saint for families I’d like to share with you today is the Patron Saint Joan of Arc.

Patron Saint Joan of Arc is probably a little more well-known thanks to movies.  

She is a symbol of courage and strength - great qualities for us to breathe into when we are having one of those days, and we feel like we need to do battle.  Patron Saint Joan of Arc was sent to do battle, and the siege lifted 9 days after her arrival. Joan always held steadfast in her truth, even when faced with a horrific ending thanks to some traitors in her midst.  


She is legendary for fulfilling a prophecy in France from years earlier that said France would be lost by one woman (Queen Isabeau) and restored by a Virgin (Young Joan).


Things to remember when choosing a patron saint for yourself, your family or a friend


When I choose a patron saint for myself or someone, I like to focus on the area that I would like to feel triumphant in. Sometimes I will combine two of them, so I might pair up Patron Saint Joan of Arc who is courageous and brave with Patron Saint Peregrine known for miracles with cancer.


You can find out about all the patron saints I have chosen by clicking here.  Feel free to let me know the area you’d like to focus on in the comments below.


Sending you lots of love courage as you choose your patron saint, laced with kindness



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