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Laced with Kindness

Affirmation Cards for Adults

Affirmation Cards for Adults

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On days when you don't feel like yourself and days seem so long and low,

A dash of positivity goes a long way.  

Positive thinking does not mean keeping your head in the sand and ignoring all the negatives. It just means that you approach life's less pleasant things in a more positive way.

The pack of 35 boho-themed affirmation cards contains simple self reminders, to help you keep your head high even when life may not always be good.  

These mood-boosting affirmations are thoughtfully created to help you create a more positive mindset every day.  Fresh, uplifting, and minimalistic designed cards to suit any space and make your day a positive and happy one. 

Grab a pack for yourself, a friend, or family, and sprinkle some love and light into the world today. 

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