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Laced with Kindness

Brave - Heart of a Lion Necklace

Brave - Heart of a Lion Necklace

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Courage is represented by so many things, including having the heart of a lion. Fierce, quiet strength, and presence.

The fighter necklace from the Brave collection is about just that.  Having the courage to rise again, no matter the fall.

I hope this resonates with a place in your heart and soul. 

Whether you reflect on the courage you have had to overcome a difficult situation, or you want to encourage a friend or loved one to keep going if they are currently facing a battle - no matter how big or small.

Wear it and remember the courage, strength, and determination that comes from within, and those around you.

"No matter how many times I fall, I will still rise"

This necklace is designed with love and courage...from the fighter in me, for the fighter in you.   

Made with 925 Sterling silver and 18k gold plated.

Necklace is 40cm + 5cm extender

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