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Laced with Kindness

Charity | Panda Necklace Gold & Silver

Charity | Panda Necklace Gold & Silver

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"Laced for a Cause" is a line of beautiful handmade necklaces created to raise awareness and support for causes and charities close to my heart.

$5.00 from each necklace purchase will go to PANDA

Postnatal depression and anxiety (PNDA) can be devastating and debilitating illnesses that can persist and affect not just a new mother but everyone around her. It is not a modern condition. Each generation calls it something different. What we call PNDA today may have been called a 'nervous breakdown' fifty years ago.

PNDA can be mild, moderate or severe and symptoms can begin suddenly after birth or appear gradually in the weeks or months during the first year after birth.

PNDA occurs in all cultures and can happen to child bearing women of all ages. Pregnancy is the common factor. It can happen after miscarriage or stillbirth, normal or traumatic delivery, or caesarean delivery. PNDA happens not only after a first baby. It can occur after a third or fifth baby. Sometimes it happens after a first baby only. Sometimes it happens with a third baby, but not with the first two. Sometimes it happens after each pregnancy.

The pendant PANDA necklace is made with the organisations colours. White Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind and helps with stress and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation. 

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