Rose Quartz Mixer Stones

Rose Quartz Mixer Stones | Laced with Kindness


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Rose Quartz Ice Cubes

(9 High-Quality Rose Quartz Stones in a Special Pouch)

Chill your favourite drink without affecting its taste.

Add these Rose Quartz Ice cubes to any drink (Think drinks that rhyme with Quin, Shaqila, The russian one made from potatoes, or even soda) instead of ice to infuse them with sweet, pure, and loving energy without affecting its taste.

These natural stones will not absorb smells or flavors that may impair the flavor of your comfort drinks. These stones also retain the temperature of the drink longer than ice so it has a more sustained chill. 

Rose Quartz is associated with love. It promotes all forms of love, healing, and peace.

Simply store these stones in your freezer and they are ready to use in just a few hours.

To clean just rinse them with warm soapy water, then store them back in the pouch and freezer for next time.

Do not use in delicate glassware or shakers.